Jennifer A. Wolfsong

Jennifer WolfsongJen graduated from the James E. Rogers College of Law in Arizona in 2004 and passed the Oregon State Bar in 2005. From 2005 until 2010 she used her legal skills, among others, to raise, nurture, and negotiate with Beth and Jen’s young daughter.

In 2010 Jen began working at Beth Allen Law in the areas of adoption and family law.  She became Office Manager in 2012, performing all of the firm’s managerial duties while continuing her legal work where she also added to her many titles.

Currently, Jen practices in the area of adoption and assisted reproduction.  She loves working with her clients to achieve their dreams of family and is passionate about helping them through the legal process of protecting their relationships with their children.

In the past Jen has been and advocate for domestic violence victims, differently-abled adults, children, animals, and the planet.  Currently she spends a lot of her free time writing and calling her legislators, speaking at public hearings, and fundraising for causes focused on endangered species and environmental protection.  In September of 2017, Jen completed a trip to Zimbabwe to visit a group of anti-poaching rangers that are working desperately to protect and save the rhino and other critically endangered African wildlife.

Jen enjoys hiking, travelling, and exploring the outdoors with her family,  running ultra-marathons, watching women’s soccer, and spending quality time with her pets.